A quick welcome from Domino…

Welcome to The Domino Affect! My name is Domino and I am a special widdle pitty Waiting for my food...bull.  I am 10 years old now, but don’t tell anyone because I still feel like a puppy (well most days). You see for the past 2 years I have been going through a lot and sometimes I don’t feel so good, but my mommy, daddy, brothers, doctors and many internets friends always help make me better.  My mommy wanted to share my story and help some other special doggies and their mommy’s and daddy’s too, so she has put me to work.  I will share stories, information and help others find the support that has helped me (and my mommy) through some of the really tough times.

I hope you like me and follow my page because if I gets internets famous we can help other doggies that don’t feel so good sometimes too and that would be awesome! If you want to help a ME doggie you can go to our Ways to Help Page for more information.


About TDA

The Domino Affect is a place of hope, inspiration and information for those with furry family members living with Megaesophagus (ME), Myasthenia Gravis (MG), or Diabetes Mellitus (DM).  When the dog that is part of your family gets diagnosed with ME, MG or DM you are bombarded with information and left with infinite questions. Here you will find links to information, FAQs, beginners guides, support groups,  links to supplies and ways to help others. Please be patient with us as we gather all of this information and make it available to you.

Domino's story, ME, MG & DM information and inspiration.